In most states and in many countries of the world, if it is not a legal requirement that they do so, companies and recruitment agencies are compelled to canvass prospective employees for excessive drug use. In fact, even minimal traces of residues and clues from the candidate employee’s bloodstream that suggests nothing more than fairly occasional recreational use is frowned upon. But companies and their agents need to rely on professionally managed houston medical testing laboratories to ensure that their testing regimes, and its results are comprehensive, accurate and conclusive.

The tests are usual processed via the sampling of urine. The outsourced testing lab is not affiliated to a standard health services facility. This allows technicians to proceed with a number of other drug testing methods. These will include physical exams and DNA tests. Such tests are also being called for by insurance companies and law firms. It helps both underwriters and commercial clients reduce their limits of liability. In order for the tests to be inoffensive, fair and just state and federal laws, statutes and US industry standards will be reviewed on a regular basis. In so doing, all clients that buy into this work are also being kept up to date with the laws and regulations, as and when they are implemented.

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Drug screening work and alternative diagnostics work are now far and wide in terms of subjects being tested. These subjects include students and sportsmen and women. They were mentioned earlier; they include prospective job candidates. They also include parents. In this case, paternity testing may be required when disputes arise out of responsibilities due to unclaimed parenting. Law enforcement agencies regularly use these tests to test the levels of alcohol consumption in offending drivers. And then still, there is the lie detector test.