An X-ray is one of many types of medical procedures that you might need at some point in your life. But, if you aren’t a medical professional, you may be unaware of what an X-ray is and exactly why it is something that a doctor might order. Learn more about digital x-ray imaging below.

Types of X-Rays You Might Need

The doctor will fill you in on the important stuff when an X-ray is ordered, including the reason for the test. There are a few types of X-rays that he can order. The best type of X-ray is determined by the need and condition of concern.

digital x-ray imaging

Rest assured the X-ray is a simple procedure that doesn’t hurt or cause any pain. It is easy and anyone can get this procedure done. Man, women, or child an X-ray is a safe and beneficial procedure for most of us.

Chest X-rays are a common type of X-rays that a doctor will order on a patient. Doctors use chest X-rays to detect heart or lung disease, as well as for issues such as checking the condition of your lungs or to detect lung-related health problems, to check for calcium deposits, to view the heart and lining of the heart, and for many other reasons.

The mammogram is also a type of X-ray that many people need. It is most often used by women to examine their breasts. Doctors recommend women have mammograms annually to detect breast cancer early. There’s also additional X-ray screenings that doctors recommend that detect other types of cancer.

Get an X-Ray

X-rays are an important part of medical imaging and your health. Do not delay the appointment if the doctor orders this test. The above reasons why an X-ray may be needed is just a small list of the many. Make sure you get the attentive care and treatment that you need if you are injured or need medical care.